Seffle Instrument AB is a company in the electronics industry, engaged in developing, manufacturing and sales of own and subcontracted products.

Operations are conducted in Säffle, Sweden, where the company employs a dozen people who are organizationally in terms of finance, sales, purchase, construction and manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1979 and currently has a turnover around 15 million SEK.

Business philosophy

Our business philosophy is to work with our clients to design the best solutions and then to provide an efficient after-sales support that contributes to the continuity and sustainability, and cost-effective production.


Our strength lies mainly in the fields of electronics for embedded systems and telecommunications and data communications. We have during over 20 years developed and delivered a number of different products and systems in this market segment.


We follow the same quality standards as ISO 9000-certified companies. Today we are not yet certified, but within our own system we work under uniform procedures both in the purchase, construction, management and production.


Within our customer base are clients from both small and large businesses. Examples of some of our clients are: Applied Sensor, Limab, Mitec, Somas, Swecoin, Telia, TietoEnator, TeliaSonera, Volvo, and Wexiödisk.

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